Was approached by the budding Interactive Department of Bi-Lo in the middle of their rebranding in 2007 to head up their design of their greeter kiosk. The challenges were many (see below) but mostly around the hardware being utilized, the prior technology utilized in the proof of concept and accepting data from multiple data source systems to create a greeter kiosk that would assist shoppers to locate items, give them their loyalty (BONUSCARD®) point status and flexible enough to allow for updated merchandise locations and a corresponding, in-app map.
Technology Utilized:
Front end:

  • Adobe Flash 8
  • Adobe Photoshop 7
  • Adobe Illustrator 10
  • Adobe Flex 2.0

IBM WebSphere – for customer loyalty program (BONUSCARD┬«)
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server – for kiosk updates
Microsoft IIS 5.0
Microsoft SQL 2000 SP3a
HP-Unix 11 – for in-store POS
Oracle 8i – for in-store product location and inventory
Apache Derby – for local kiosk database synchronization for PLU and product location
Multi-touch API
USB API for Barcode Reader

Convert prior proof of concept .NET/JScript version to Adobe Flash based version
Utilize lower priced and lower powered (PoE) Power over Ethernet kiosks
Have all kiosks report location and synchronization status to centralized admin concole
Streamline user experience based on usability tests for popular user designated/oft-repeated tasks
Instantly communicate and combine information from three different data sources