Was tasked with replacing an aging Microsoft .NET application that was not responsive to touch and unable to expand to include new and updated materials that ranged from Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS PowerPoint) and Adobe PDF files. The challenges were to build an application that could “snake” the folders and update accordingly from background images to videos to expanding or removing navigation based on material placed in a strategically placed folder that drove the application.







Technology Utilized:
Front end:

  • Adobe Flex 3.0 with 3.5 SDK
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4

Northcode SWF Studio 3.7 for project compilation and non-Adobe AIR distribution (*.exe)
ActionScript 3

Replace aging .NET version
Replace faulty Adobe Flash AS2 proof of concept
“Directory Snake” creation for the following assets:

  • backgrounds
  • thumbnail images
  • popup images
  • documents
  • document types and document name
  • Adobe Flash *.flv video files

Utilize assets and update the UI on the fly
Create *.exe that would be built simply changing out all of the aforementioned assets
Identify each document type and apply proper icon per document type
Use logic that would locate proper document viewer type (ex. MS Word/winword.exe) for each document type or download in absence